Thursday, January 5, 2012

THE Ohio State Game!

At the end of October Chris took a monumental step in his life: he attended an Ohio State football game at the horseshoe (the Ohio State stadium)! Some tickets came available on short notice and Chris's brother Mat was kind enough to give them to Chris and his other brother Mike. Chris had this grand idea that we would go to his parents about 1.5 hours away and then Chris would drive with Mike to the game and then come back to his parents to pick me up and then we would drive home. I should've thought this over before I agreed to it because that was a LOT of unnecessary driving, plus the game was a night game and Chris and I got home super late and had church at 9:30 the next morning. Yeah, bad idea. But I can blame it on being pregnant, right?

Anyways, Chris had a blast, to say the least! He and Mike got to the game early and climbed all the way to the top of the stadium and then back down to their seats. Chris said his depth perception at the top was way off and it made him dizzy. He also said that climbing all of those stairs made his legs burn :) He and Mike came back very hoarse and utterly worn out from all of the rooting and yelling they had done!

I watched the game at Mat's house and the whole time Mat was rooting for Wisconsin to blow-out Ohio State because he was bummed that he wasn't able to be there. Well, Ohio State won and it was an exciting game! Sorry Mat! But Chris really appreciated the opportunity and couldn't stop talking about it to anyone and everyone for days on end. I love seeing Chris get so excited about something! I can honestly say it was one of Chris's favorite experiences, thus far!

Mike at the game (good seats, huh?)

Chris at the game

A view from the top of the stadium

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