Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011!

After being in Moab for Christmas, there was no way we were going to pass up seeing Jenny, David and their 3 kids (Jenny is Chris's sister). So we headed up to Provo on Thursday. We started things off on Friday with hitting up Tucanos, a Brazilian restaurant, in celebration of Chris's birthday. It is an all-you-can-eat meat fest and we absolutely LOVED it! While there, we made sure the staff knew it was Chris's birthday and they "let" him hold a maraca while they sang to him in Portuguese! Doesn't he look thrilled?! Haha!

Chris's 27th Birthday at Tucanos

For New Year's Eve we went with the family to Provo Towne Mall for "First Night". It was tons of fun! The kids rode the trampoline bungee, danced in a Wii contest, had balloon animals and swords made for them, got their faces painted, climbed through blow-up tent obstacles, made their own pixie stix candy, watched fireworks, and did all sorts of other fun things that I can't remember at this moment! Of course, Chris and I joined in the festivities too! If you are ever in the Provo/Orem area for New Year's Eve, I highly recommend going to first night at the Provo Towne Mall! We also ate at Panda Express while in the mall 'cause ya know, our life evolves around food! Once we got home, we rang in the New Year with some sparkling cider, watched the ball drop in Times Square, and called it an awesome, eventful night!

A butterfly...the balloon animal Jenny had made for Chris!

Chris and I on New Year's Eve

The wonderful, simple design I asked the painting lady to put on my face! She did awesome, even though I had one black eyebrow for a day!

Sunday was also an eventful day...we tested out Jenny's new deep fryer! And let me tell you we had a ball with that thing! So much so, that our first trip when we got back to Ohio was to go find ourselves a deep fryer. We made deep fried twinkies, mozzarella sticks, Chris tried to deep fry a nut cluster (bad idea unless it's frozen...), and ended with delicious deep fried chicken wings topped with Frank's Red Hot sauce! Oh, and we threw in some steamed broccoli for good measure :)

All-in-all we had a blast at the Hoover household (as usual) and appreciate their hospitality and patience in putting up with us! We can't wait to see their family again! Possibly in December?


Jenalee said...

So much fun! And Chris looks THRILLED with his maraca.

Jenny said...

Loved your post! We really enjoyed your visit and can't wait until the next time!