Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Been a While...

Sorry that it's been a while since our last post--there's been a LOT going on! First of all, I had mild bronchitis for about 3 weeks. This did not serve me well. No one likes being sick and coughing all of the time, but it is especially bad when your classmates start asking if you've been to see the doctor yet. That's a tad embarassing! Also, it's been difficult with my calling as Enrichment leader to get meetings and activities together. But I was somehow able to pull it off--with the help of a few of my committee members!
Also, Chris and I have been busy with school. This past week we had midterms, which is always hectic and leaves little room in our schedules for anything else. But we were allotted a little break from school during Presiden't Day weekend and we went down to Utah to see Krystle and Corey. We were able to visit, sleep in, and play with Baily (which mostly Chris did). We also ate some yummy lemon chicken made by Krystle, and now Chris is on a "marinade everything" streak! We had a lot of fun with them and it was good to get to know them better (of course, I already knew Krystle!). While we were down in Utah, we spent a day in Wendover, Nevada at the potash plant there. Chris has an opportunity to do an internship there this summer and we were checking it out. We feel really good about this internship and Chris is in the process of filling out all of the necessary paperwork. We will try to keep posted about the internship and post pictures of Wendover when we visit again. We look at this internship as our little adventure!

Other than that, we are happy and healthy (mostly) and keep trudging on with school, friends, family, life, etc.!