Friday, January 23, 2009

An Update

This post is just to keep people updated on what's going on here in good ol' Rexburg! Chris and I are going strong with school, church callings (don't even get me started!), etc. We have some good leads on internships for this summer and are hoping things work out for the best. We also will be coming up on 18 months of marriage next week (the 27th) and can't believe how fast the time has gone! But we still love each other and like each other's company so that's a good sign!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Past Few Weeks!

Well, the past few weeks have been adventurous, exciting, crazy, hectic and awe inspiring! To start off, Chris and I were to arrive in Ohio for Christmas vacation at 7:25pm on Tuesday, December 16th. Amongst all of the delays caused by snow and not having a pilot for two of our flights, we eventually landed in Columbus, OH at 8:30am Wednesday, December 17th. I will spare all the gory details.
Once in Ohio, being with family was a ton of fun! We played games (mostly MarioKart) and had some late nights of friendly competition. We ate a lot of good food with dessert practically every night (thanks Gail!) and are now both trying to lose the holiday weight. We visited Cosi (a science museum), went to the church sites in Kirtland, bought Chris some new steel-toed boots from Amish country, rode horses, went target shooting, put in a ceiling, celebrated Chris's and Marty's birthdays, etc. We caught up on our visiting and became, as usual, the favorite aunt and uncle/sister and brother/daughter and son!

After Ohio, we flew to Arizona for New Years to see Natalie and David's new baby, Rylie. she is SO adorable! We were also able to get family photos because guess what--all of us were together!!! Arizona was warm and I didn't want to leave my sister and her baby. Nonetheless, Chris and I left Mesa, Az and rode home with my parents, Gordon, Rachel and Annabelle to Moab, UT.
We left Moab the next morning and finished our trek to Rexburg, ID. Upon arrival to Rexburg, Chris and I met our home with 18" of snow and our parking space chock full of snow on top of ice. I always knew I didn't like Rexburg! In addition to all of this chaos, school started on January 7th for Chris and I and we are getting back into the school routine. Overall, we LOVED our break and can't wait to retire to Mexico.