Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eventful Weekend!

So many things have been going on since about Thursday afternoon! I left Chris at home =( and went down to my Granna and Grandpa's homecoming from their mission in Nauvoo, Illinois. It was good to see family (and also my grandparents since I hadn't seen them in 18 months!) I then proceeded to Wendover with my dad for a few days while he was on business. I thought there wasn't much to do in Rexburg, Idaho but there REALLY isn't anything to do in Wendover, unless you like gambling! I am now in Moab with my family and will be for the next few days. I like the warmer weather and am enjoying this mini vacation before school, but I desperately miss Chris!

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Olympics!!!

I was reading on Natalie and David's blog about the Olympics and decided that I needed to write something about them too! I, due to my work schedule, am able to stay up and watch pretty much all of the Olympics. And I just have to say GO USA and GO Michael Phelps!!! We are such a competitive nation and I am so proud to be a part of it--the nation, not the Olympics! I must also say that Chris is seeing a side of me he hasn't really ever seen before. As I watch the Olympic athletes compete, I get all tense and nervous and anxious for them! We were at our neighbors on Sunday watching Michael Phelps and when he won his race I jumped up and shouted and it scared their little boy and he started crying! I felt so bad! When someone I want to do well does well, I scream or jump off the couch or throw a pillow or something! Chris thinks I'm crazy!! During the women's all-around artistic gymnastics finals, I was so nervous that my knuckles were white from squeezing my hands together so hard! I also have to mention that as soon as Nastia Liukin took gold and Shawn Johnson took Silver, I ran into my bedroom and woke Chris up to tell him the results! It was about midnight and Chris gets up for work at 5:30a.m., so I hope it doesn't affect him too badly tomorrow!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Ice Cream!!!

Whenever Chris eats ice cream, at least later in the afternoon or evening, it puts him right to sleep! There is no cure for this random phenomenon! So now I am going over my lesson for church tomorrow and Chris is sleeping and it is only 8 o'clock! What a party-pooper married couple we are!!!

We've conformed!

We held out about as long as was possible!!! But we've joined the ranks in a hopefully effective way to keep in touch.