Monday, October 1, 2012

Beach Vacation and Hansen Family Time

Chris and I were able to go to North Carolina at the beginning of August and vacation at the beach with the Hansen family. It was sort of a last-minute decision but it is one we will never forget! To start off, the drive to NC is approximately 10 hours. It took us 15 hours to get there...yes, 15. I hate traveling in the car but this drive was more than eventful. The morning we were set to leave, Colton throws up. Landon is complaining about feeling sick too. But we don't let getting a late start deter us. We pack into the Odyssey and the Pilot and set out on our venture. The GPS takes us down dirt and gravel roads which we know aren't necessary (dang GPS) and once we find paved roads Mike hits a vulture with his van. We only know this because we see it bounce off of his windshield from behind in the Pilot. After that, Landon says he needs to throw up. Luckily we had the foresight to take an empty gallon ice cream bucket in each car for such an incident. We have to pull over to toss the puke and where is the nearest pull off? A cemetery. Jenny feels really bad about tossing the puke-filled bucket onto someone's grave but better than the side of the road, right?

We continue on, laughing about our misfortunes so far. Little did we know this was only the beginning. The following events occurred:

#Landon threw up again
#Colton has to go #2, not a side-of-the-road thing
#William has a poopy diaper
#Lydia threw up (not in the bucket mind you so this was an hour long stop for clean up)
#Landon has to go pee and Chris doesn't believe in pulling over so we pass back an empty Gatorade bottle. Landon proceeds to pee with the bottle tipped upward and I frantically correct him. Only 2 drops got on the floor:)
#William has another poopy diaper (4 in total that day)

Practically every child and nearly every adult became sick on the trip which was unfortunate and Chris and I got sunburned on the very first day but we all still managed to have a great time. The drive home wasn't nearly as eventful but it still took us a good 12.5 hours just for gas and bathroom breaks. Chris still doesn't believe in road-side bathroom stops.

William loved his first trip to the ocean (lucky little guy) and Chris and I enjoyed the time with family. So many more fun and enjoyable things happened while we were with family but with a 4 month old it's hard to find time to write it all down:)

P.S. Don't mind our awful pictures--we were having a "care-free" vacation:)

At the pier

On the beach:)

Will with cousin Olivia


Jeremy,Jennie said...

Looks like a blast!! Nicole you look amazing!!! It takes me a year after having a baby to look thin again!!

Jenalee said...

Your arms look sore at the beach! It looks like fun!