Monday, August 20, 2012

2 Months

Will is 2 months old, can you believe it? He is the cutest baby ever & Chris & I are so blessed to have this little boy as ours. We've had our rough patches with fussiness but Will really is a good baby. He's changed so much since he was born & we love being able to see him progress & develop his own personality!

Will's stats at 2 months
11 lbs 14 oz (52%)
24 in (84%):)
40 cm head circumference (48%)

As of 2 months Will can:
*Coo (he makes about 4 different noises)
*Hold his head up while on his stomach & most of the time when he's sitting upright
*Briefly stand on his legs when he is being held up
*Drink 6 oz bottles practically every time they are offered
*Roll from tummy to back (he's done this 3 times but it's definitely not a controlled thing yet)
*Turn towards voices, sounds, & light
*Recognize mommy & daddy (he wasn't too sure about the nurses at his check up)
*Sleep a 6 hour stretch at night (and sometimes a 4 hour stretch after that)
*Entertain himself in the bouncer or on his rag quilt for a few 15-20 minute stretches throughout the day (mommy is really grateful for this)

And since I know you really visited this blog to see pictures of Will, here he is!

July 4th

Family pictures--Chris was none too thrilled about this idea:)

Glad he was so happy after getting his 2 month shots!

After going to dinner with mommy and daddy to celebrate their anniversary

My precious sleeping baby boy

These next pictures are from his blessing at the end of June so they're quite a bit older but he is so cute I just couldn't resist:)


Jenalee said...

Super cute pictures!!! I can't believe he's 2 months already and I have never held him!

David and Natalie Reheis said...

He is so cute! He's almost 3 months now!! Actually, he is today! Yay! I love him!

Dana said...

Too adorable!! Can't believe how fast time is flying. Keep the pictures coming!

The Conders said...

Little boys sure have a way of melting mommas' hearts, huh? What a cutie! Glad to see you are all doing well!

Nate and Sarah said...

So cute! Hopefully some day Meritt can meet her little cousin.