Saturday, June 16, 2012


Chris is a great husband, he really is. He is so much better than me on a number of levels & his personality is exactly what my personality needs. But Chris is a SUPERB father to Will. Here are a few things about Chris as a dad so far:

*Will's birth was the "ok" to open his matchbox collection of luxury & exotic cars

*While in the hospital, Chris showed Will every car picture on his phone. He told Will the make & model of each car as well as which were his favorites. At one point, Will started fussing & it just so happened to be on the picture of a British made car. Chris simply told Will that he didn't care much for that British made car either:)

*When I come down the stairs, I often hear Chris telling Will to pretend like he's asleep cause mommy is coming

*One day when I was upstairs I heard Chris hollar up "Nicole, come down quick! Will's body parts are falling off!" Will's umbilical stump had fallen off:)

*One time I was changing Will and the wipie got stuck to the sticky tab of the diaper and while I was trying to get it unstuck Will started peeing. Chris was lying on the floor next to us and was the receiver of the shower. This resulted in Will's first official bath. I still laugh when I think back on the experience but Chris doesn't think it's funny at all.

*Even though Will doesn't interact much with us yet, Chris still plays with him and teases him

*Chris sings "Will's sexy and he knows it" and has started making a movie of Will to that music

*Chris takes Will whenever I ask him to and he won't do anything if it makes Will cry. If Will doesn't want Chris to sit, then Chris paces around the apartment, sometimes for an hour or more. If Will likes being rocked in the rocking chair, Chris rocks him until he just can't rock anymore.

*Chris talks to Will about his future and what he will and won't allow him to do or like or become. I love listening in to these conversations:)

*Chris has done all of the cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc. all while working overtime at Honda. He also puts up with my complaining and bad attitude when the occasion calls for it.

As you can see, Chris loves having Will lay on his stomach and I think it is the cutest thing ever (and a great photo opportunity)! I am so grateful to have Chris as my husband and even more grateful that he is the father of my precious baby boy. Will and I love you Christopher!


Jeff and Lauren said...

Love it!

Jeremy,Jennie said...

How sweet. That sounds just like Chris. I'm so happy he got his boy!! And I love love LOVE his name!!!

DougandMe said...

First of all, I don't ever think I have seen Chris have hair that long. I can just see him going through the cars with him. How lucky you both are to have him. Will is so cute!

David and Natalie Reheis said...

Yeah we like Chris. Oh man, tell him that that pee story isn't's hilarious! haha Rylie puked on David's face once. It was awesome.