Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Fourth and Furniture!

So I almost missed fireworks this year. Yeah, I know, that would've been awful. But things are done a little differently back here and I'd better learn the ropes or I'll probably miss out on a lot. Columbus does a really big fireworks show called "Red, White, and Boom" (clever, right?), but they had it on Friday, July 1st. Not clever. That seemed to be a pattern everywhere I turned; no city appeared to be having a fireworks show on the actual 4th of July. What is up with that?! Well, we planned on going to Chris's parents on Saturday to go boating and spend time with his family so an early fireworks show was in the books. However, things didn't work out to allow us to go and we missed the fireworks show in that area. I frantically searched city web pages for surrounding areas doing shows on the 4th and lo-and-behold Dublin (a city which Chris isn't very fond of) was going to fulfill my hopes. I was stoked!

We arrived about 90 minutes prior to the start of the fireworks and laid out our spot on the grass. We had to park really far away and literally hiked to get close enough to not be blocked by trees. As the fireworks started, Chris and I looked at each other in surprise because we were in a perfect spot--right below the fireworks. I could feel the pounding in my chest as each firework went off and I was in Independence Day heaven! I kept feeling bugs land on me and wondered why they were attacking me and hoped they didn't ruin the show I had worked so diligently to attend. And then Chris, being the wise man he is, stated that ash was raining down on us because we were so close to the fireworks! I didn't like it, but I was appreciative that it wasn't a bug infestation. A little girl behind us kept shrieking out that things were landing on her and I wanted to reassure her that it wasn't bugs, just ash, but I couldn't stop laughing everytime she burst out in cries of shock. They played music in time with the fireworks and the finale was awesome! You know when the finale comes and you're not quite sure if it is the finale? That was so not the case. Chris and I left the show in awe and amazement and will definitely be going to Dublin again next year for the 4th of July fireworks show.

In other news, Chris and I FINALLY have somewhere to sit! We bought couches for our apartment last weekend and they were delivered today. They look so nice and new I hesitated to sit on them! We are so glad and so grateful for the things that we have, but it is nice every once in a while to get something new!


Jeremy,Jennie said...

AWESOME couches!!!!! LOVE them!!!! Leather is basically the best thing ever. It's so much more comfortable, and SO easy to clean!!! Cute pic of you guys, you look really good!

David and Natalie Reheis said...

Ooh those couches are nice!!! And guess what?! I didn't see any fireworks this year!!! They were canceled on Monday because of the wind and lightning. Ugh sucky. You two look so cute in that picture!!

David and Natalie Reheis said...

New post :)