Monday, March 29, 2010

School, School, and More School!

I just wanted everyone to know that Chris and I are still alive and doing well! We only have 1 1/2 weeks left in this semester and then only 2 more after that until we graduate! Chris says time is going by so fast, but I think it's pretty stagnant most of the time.

We've been having pretty nice weather here in Rexburg (which is a change from the norm), and I am loving every second of it. Chris says the farmers are down-and-out about the lack of moisture, but I like to think of it as a blessing...

Chris and I are both busy with school, church, etc. but we still find the time to go out every once in a while. Thursday Chris and I went to the temple. We love the Rexburg temple and we love how close it is to us. We can look up the street from our apartment and see it. Anyways, after we went to the temple we were hungry and tried the Pita Pit. We'll probably eat there again, but it wasn't our favorite. After that, Chris and I both heard the call of BRC's custard, which ended an almost perfect evening on the perfect note. On Friday, Chris and I wanted to eat on campus; they built a new "food-court" called The Crossroads a while ago and we wanted to check it out. When we went, most of the food areas were closed, but we still wanted to go out. So we decided to go to Winger's. We don't usually eat out that often, but we've come to the conclusion that once we leave Rexburg, our food options will greatly increase!

We've also been going to a new stake building since the beginning of March. This stake center is the largest chapel in the whole world! It's pretty neat to be the first group of people to attend meetings there (it's SO clean and new)! It's also a testimony of the blessings of tithing.

I don't have any pictures for you all to enjoy, but I'll try to post some in the next few weeks.


David and Natalie Reheis said...

You're so close to being done with school!!! You guys are so awesome! I'm proud of you for sticking with it

Jen Carter said...

Hey there! Hope you don't mind, I came upon your blog while looking at Amanda's. Looks like you are doing great!