Tuesday, September 21, 2010

School and Yellowstone

So a new semester has begun and life is back to being crazy busy and uber stressful. Chris and I certainly enjoyed our 6 or so weeks off traveling to visit family and looking for a job. We were privileged to see Jenny, David and their kids along with DeDee, Eden and Keith in Provo; my parents and sisters in Moab; Natalie, David, Rylie and Krystle in Arizona; Marty, Gail, Maria, Kimmy, Matt, Eve and their girls in Ohio; and Mike, Heather and their kids in Indiana. We drove to all of these wonderful places in our car and for those of you who know me know I get car sick and don't like to travel this way if I can help it. But I survived and am now firmly planted in Rexburg until graduation in December.

Oh...did I mention we're graduating in December? Chris and I are thrilled to be weeks away from being able to say we endured to the end! It hasn't really hit us yet because school is school and it feels the same as any other semester, but none-the-less it is all coming to a close.

Sidewalk drawing in Moab (Annabelle)
Sidewalk drawing in Moab (Nicole)

This past weekend Chris and I took Maria and Keith (who are now at BYU-Idaho with us) to Yellowstone National Park. We didn't see a whole lot other than elk and buffalo (nope...no bears), but we made the most of it and had fun. On the way back to Rexburg I was able to stop at the cabin in Macks Inn for probably the last time for a long time and it was good to see it again and relive some of my favorite memories from vacations there.
Maria and Keith
Chris and I

All in all life is the same as usual: Chris and I are madly in love and ready to begin another winter here in Rexburg as we continue our education at the "Y" of "I".


Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

Gosh I love Yellowstone :) LOOKS LIKE IT WAS FUN!

David and Natalie Reheis said...

Oh it sounds like a fun summer!! I'm glad you could come visit with us

Kjohnson said...

It does look like it was fun! Did A-train draw the sidewalk chalk of the girl face? She's gotta little artist in her huh?
I love you sister :)

Jen Carter said...

Lucky! We wanted to go to Yellowstone so bad this summer but it just didn't happen. Fun!

Nichris! said...

Yes, Annabelle drew the picture of the girl. She spent a lot of time on it and kept going back to fix things but it paid off! Of course, after we drew the pictures, Annabelle, Rachel and I had a water fight and sayonara sidewalk chalk!

Lauren said...

Yes! Rexburg! Aren't you excited for your husband to graduate!!! I am excited for Jeff to be done!